Aplastic Anemia and ATG (Equine)

9/27/13 Bone marrow biopsy led to a diagnosis of Aplastic Anemia. PICC line added to her arm. First ATG (equine) dose began in the evening.

We were so relieved that she was negative leukemia cells, but we failed to realize how serious and life-threatening her condition continued to be.  During these early days while she was receiving her ATG treatments, we researched Aplastic Anemia extensively and began to understand a little bit more what we were facing.  Too overwhelmed t move forward quickly, I remember shutting down websites and then an hour later being ready to read some more.  I went through moments like this for the next few weeks.  Everything was so overwhelming to me.  I could not do anything besides survive and continue to care for her as she needed.

9/28/13 Second dose of ATG

9/29/13 Third dose of ATG

9/30/13 Fourth dose of ATG and began cyclosporine

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