Juicing, Autoimmune, Gluten-Free

10/11/13 Third outpatient visit. Her platelets this time were at 88. Her rbcs and hemoglobin were holding pretty steady! (I believe that we have kept her rbc transfusion free by juicing a high amount of kale and spinach and carrots. Also, we have been keeping her diet gluten free. Since aplastic anemia falls into the category of an autoimmune disorder and autoimmune disorders can be caused by gluten intolerance, we decided that it could not hurt to go gluten free. Not only did she crave nutritious shakes and drink them without abandon, but her energy levels were improving daily. She had been outside on her bike just days after ATG and navigating our two story home was becoming much easier for her. Each outpatient visit showed her gaining some weight, and her personality was returning. Furthermore, since the first few transfusions had taken place, the night terrors and restless sleep that plagued her throughout her life had ceased and she rested more peacefully at night than maybe ever.

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