Blood Donor and Prayers Needed

I was briefed by the dr. about the risks of surgery because of her immune system status. Any surgery is very risky for her and afterward she will be transferred to ICU for intensive observation. If anyone local is a blood donor and willing to step up to donate WHITE blood cells, we will need donors lined up for a few days. Her blood type is AB+. So if you are a donor who is A+, B+, O + or AB+ she can take your blood. Text me at 724-992-8170 if you fit this profile, and are local to Las Vegas and are willing to be a donor. Also, a member of our church has enacted a 9 hour emergency novena to the Infant of Prague that began at 8am. We are praying it too and ask for anyone else to join us even if you are late.
Today is such a critical day. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers all day. I am ragging a lot
Of people in this post. If you are local, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD that we are in need of people WHO ARE ALREADY APPROVED BLOOD DONORS to give white cells. She is AB+ and can use any + blood type. If you are not local and were tagged, it is for your prayers.

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