Laughter is the Best Medicine

Since we are going to be here for a while, we came up with a plan today to have the whole family in the same room for a while. The charge nurses gave us permission to bring all the children here at the same time for up to 2 hours during the week and at length on the weekends. Tonight was our first night which we used this privilege. Caitriona and Lauryn visited Naomi and I while Aaron took the other children to Mass. Then, they all came back and hung out for about an hour. Caitriona was a bit of a handful but the time was definitely worth it. Naomi, Lauryn and I played a game together. It was nice for Naomi to be distracted by her sister for a while so that I was not so needed by her.

Throughout the day today, Naomi walked on four different occasions. She did not want to walk for her fourth time today so I had to bribe her by promising to paint her nails when she was finished. So, that is on our agenda for tonight. I can tell she is very tired from the exercise and will likely be asleep before long.

Having woken at home with the other children today and then spending the night with them, I am feeling much more normal and a bit recharged. I think this arrangement can work to keep me sane and boost Naomi’s morale. At one point tonight, her, Lauryn and I were laughing so hard that we started laughing about how hard we were laughing. Every time we tried to stop (because it was hurting Naomi’s belly) we would start laughing at ourselves again. I told Naomi that if laughter is really the best medicine, then she would be well in no time. With my kids in one room for the first time in 6 days, I might sleep more peacefully tonight.

5 thoughts on “Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. By Ross Wilson — Oct 20, 2013 8:43am
    That is nice that Naomi got to see Caitriona and Lauryn for awhile I bet that made her day. While you talked to the lord and asked him for guidance. I bet it was nice to all be together then nothing feels as good as being as one.
    I am glad she is walking and good to see the other kids having some interaction also with Naomi. It sounds like you are really enjoying each others company it will do good for one another. Take care Kristy and I hope my Brother is doing well also.
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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