A Nice Evening

Later this afternoon, Lauryn, Naomi and I took a walk to the Healing Gardens. It was worth the trip to hang out by the waterfalls, ponds and flowers for an hour and a half. When we returned to the room, Naomi got a dose of Benadryl and napped for about two and a half hours. Her sleep was the best she has had in a few days. She continues to have nightmares every time she enters deep sleep. I am trying various essential oils to help her but have not found the perfect one yet. Intune and Serenity have helped, but it think pure Frankincense is probably what I am going to need.

When’d she woke from her nap, she sat straight up and began to play with her new stuffed donkey. Thanks, Jill! He is so soft and cuddly and has a home right on the pillow next to Naomi. This evening he is really smelling like eucalyptus. 🙂

There was also some care packages that arrived. Aunt Marie, we cannot wait to paint our nails and the crafts are perfect and have already been ripped into. Also, she received some Melissa and Doug sticker books from an agent who works with Aaron. She has already made an awesome scene of a living room.

It it was great to see her with some energy tonight, laughing and playing. Micayah is here with us tonight. He has a soothing presence for both Naomi and myself. Her heart rate became lower and she was visibly more relaxed with him by her side tonight.

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