An Awesome Big Brother

Naomi had a decent night of sleep! She slept through the night fairly well and woke with the swelling in her face reduced significantly.  She did continue to have nightmares and sit up in her sleep, but this morning she said she felt like she slept well and did not remember dreaming. She also confirmed that her belly does not hurt. i am sure the nurses did not believe me that her pain was just a nightmare and they seemed ready to go get her pain meds.

she is already coloring with Micayah who is my hero of the day. He slept with her last night and let me sleep 5 hours straight! It really is a shame that hospital policy prohibits me from being able to leave him here with her because he handles her so well and wants to help. He helped her to the bathroom a few times last night, soothed her when she had nightmares, and never left her side.

The gastroenterologist who designed her food-in-a-bag was in this morning and reaffirmed what the surgeon said last night – that we are on the upswing. Her abdomen is much more tender and less firm, has reduced in swelling, and he was able to touch her without even a flinch of pain. Yay! He said that hopefully the surgeon will allow her to start sipping soon. She cannot wait for that first sip of ice water!

Everyone is pretty excited that her WBC count is staying about the same and not disappearing. She still has 2% neutrophils and is still severely neutropenic, but it has not gone down either. Her RBCs are staying just about steady. There was a slight dip, but nothing critical at all. Her platelets continue to fall steadily.

Today, we will venture to the gardens again. Maybe she will walk this time since she is giggly and full of smiles from all that sleep she got last night.

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