Downs and Ups

Yesterday, her WBCs took a plunge and her platelets did, too. But since her intestinal bleeding stopped, we put off a platelet transfusion.  Last night was wonderful since she slept about 14 hours waking only twice to use the bathroom and then going right back to sleep! Then, today her platelets dropped way less which means she made some AND she MADE red blood cells on her own and her hemoglobin and hematocrit levels increased, too!  That is all very exciting.  Her white bloods cells are fluctuating day-to-day, but her lymphs are dropping over the long term, which is ultimately what we need. And she is trending is such a way that we see she is starting to make neutrophils but the levels fluctuate greatly daily and are still way low.

Today she did lessons for the first time in weeks! She did math, religious ed, writing, and spelling. That is huge progress. Thank you, Graciela!  Dear Mrs. Guthrie stayed with Naomi for a few hours allowing me to go home and help Micayah and Lauryn with some lessons.

Naomi’s morale is pretty good. She had her dressing on the PICC line changed today (every Tuesday that happens) and said that “it was not as bad as last week.”  She continues to “eat” broth and “drink” juices. In fact, today she pretty well chugged her liquids. Yay for that!

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