Labs Improved

Well, her labs improved, but I am starting to think it really does not matter. It seems that if one of our children is a match, we will proceed with a BMT since her recovery is so slow. The doctor stressed this morning that she is still severely neutropenic and while discussing the possibility of going home within a few weeks, it was made clear that her visit home would be a temporary stop before we proceed to CA for a transplant. I am trying to stay optimistic and see that moving on with a transplant sooner can be a good thing so this is not dragging on and recovery can happen sooner. The results for the donor HLA tests for the other children are not expected back until next Monday. That will dictate much as far as which path we take next. A BMT is most successful with a sibling match. So, it seems that really would be best, I think. There is also the fact that recovery with ATG is not always permanent and can result in a relapse. A BMT is the cure. Good thing this is all out my control.

On Wednesday, she made RBCs on her own. They increased from 2.88 to 3.14. Hemoglobin from 8.8 to 9.4 and hematocrit from 25.4 to 27.4 also improved on her own. She received a transfusion of platelets last night, so it is hard to know it the huge jump overnight was her and the transfusion or just the transfusion. We should see that better tomorrow.

Her WBCs jumped from 2.4 to 3.2 and she still has 2% neutrophils. So, her ANC is 64 today. That is a good jump from 48 yesterday and 24 the day before. Hopefully, we keep trending upwards like this….

She slept well again and all her physicians agree she is recovering well, just slowly on account of not having WBCs. And then there is still the issue that as she makes WBCs, they are likely going to infections in the body and we are not seeing them in the blood tests. So, does anyone REALLY know what her levels truly are? Certainly not.

Last night was Micayah’s night to sleep here. We made it to Mass here at the chapel today. That was a nice break from the room. We really like the priest on staff here. Getting her to do lessons is a challenge, but we have managed to do it two days in a row now. Laying in bed watching movies or playing games is way more interesting to her!  I am not above bribery and jello and freeze pops are a great reward. Speaking of which, we are trying to increase her “clear liquid” intake. They will not reduce the bag of IV nutrients until she is eating more. But she is not really interested in eating much on account of the bag making her have to use the bathroom so often. It is a tough road we are on, for sure.

One thought on “Labs Improved

  1. By Ross Wilson — Oct 31, 2013 9:09am
    My Prayer and Blessings come from my heart and soul as you take this next step in the road of life that the power of the “Great Spirit” may find you, protect you, and save you from the trouble that was sadly sent to your family. I pray for you in this next stage in life. The answer will come, may take time ,but will make all happy in the end. The road of life is always tough but in the end if the problem comes up again it goes much smoother it makes us strong and survivors.
    Uncle Ross

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