Change of Scenery

Naomi and I got a change of scenery yesterday afternoon and headed outside into the sunshine. We enjoyed about an hour in the Healing Garden. We rested on a blanket while laughing and talking. Once the sun moved behind the building, it was too cool to stay longer though. We had about an hour there.
While walking back to our room, we decided to stop in the chapel and pray a rosary. We snuggled in the first row of seats and soaked in the peace of the chapel. With us being the only ones in there, I imagined all of Christ’s focus on us and especially her healing. I took a minute to be thankful for each person praying for Naomi, and us, and anyone who has been supportive in the smallest way or in many ways. Aaron and I are grateful and humbled by the encouragement, prayers and support from so many of you. We cannot thank you enough.
Last night, Aaron stopped over with all of the children and it was fun to see them all bustling about together. The oldest four jumped right back in together, joking, talking and sharing halloween loot and their thoughts- just like the best friends they are. Having them all together makes me feel complete, even if I do have to chase Caitriona around the hospital while she looks for “babies” and talks about her shoes.
We are still awaiting lab results today. ATG+32. November, a new month. All Saints Day and Mass in the chapel today –  first Mass as a family in 4 weeks! No matter what the labs say, we will make it a good day.

3 thoughts on “Change of Scenery

  1. By Graciela Guthrie — Nov 1, 2013 10:46am
    May all the saints watch upon her and intercede for her on their feast day. Through their merits may many graces be showered upon the whole family today. Happy All Saints Day!

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