Home and Back, Again

Sunday started as a very sleepy day. Her platelets were low and ANC 0. So, she was extremely tired. After a platelet transfusion, she came home for the evening. I posted a photo of all the kids together that I took while we were home. We ate a meal together and were very happy that she ate her entire serving of spaghetti. She pretty much refuses to eat hospital food which has caused some issues of nagging from some nurses. We have been bringing meals in from home whenever possible.
Tonight, we are back for more meds and to sleep.  In the morning, I will run to the pharmacy at a nearby hospital and grab the rest of her meds. Then, they will release her to go home!
We are all looking forward to sleeping under the same roof tomorrow…… We will treasure every moment of being home knowing that it is temporary until we go to transplant. Tomorrow might also reveal if we have a donor match…… Oh, the anticipation.

4 thoughts on “Home and Back, Again

  1. By Ross Wilson — Nov 4, 2013 8:19am
    I look forward to your return of peace at home. Enjoy the happiness it brings 🙂

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