Perfect Sibling Donor Match!

Back when Naomi was first diagnosed and we knew that she would likely need a transplant, the other children and Aaron and I were all discussing the transplant process.  Micayah mentioned that he wanted to be the donor so that no one else had to go through the donor process.  So, it is with amazement and awe to learn that Micayah is indeed Naomi’s PERFECT match!

While waiting in the doctor’s office waiting for results, I asked the nurse if there were any.  She said that she believed the results had come back.  Whether or not she knew the results, I do not know, but her response left me very deflated, and feeling as though there was no match.

When the nurse left the room, Naomi and I looked at each other.  I sighed.  She said, “There is a match.  I just KNOW there HAS to be!”

When the doctor walked in the room, she said “it looks like your oldest has the honor.”

I said, “There is a match?”

She said, “Yes.  Micayah is a 10 out of 10 match.”  She was so calm.  So pulled together.  So dignified.

I wanted to jump up and down and scream and run through the building shouting to anyone who would listen that Naomi had a match.  And not just a match, but a SIBLING match, and a PERFECT one at that!

Instead of screaming, I texted Aaron, stood up next to the doctor and looked over the results with her.  Caitriona and Niamh are a perfect match to each other.  Lauryn and Malakye are partial matches to each other.  But the one that really matters is that Micayah and Naomi are a PERFECT match!

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