Hospital Day

Today was full of ups and downs.  Fortunately, it started with downs and then recovered.  We were due to arrive at the dr’s office between 8:30-9am.  We got stuck in traffic and arrived at 9:03.  Our original appt for the day was scheduled at 11am, but the transplant referring agent rescheduled us for first thing in the morning so we could get to the hospital on-time to begin her tests.  But she forgot to tell the receptionist, which resulted in us sitting in the waiting room until 9:50am.  We did not get out of the dr’s office until 10:45am, already late for our 10:30 check-in at the hospital for an 11am procedure. We rushed to the hospital, but did not get checked-in until 11:20am.  At some point, I went up to the admissions desk to inquire because I saw that people who came in after us were being called ahead of us. They asked if she had a procedure scheduled today in addition to waiting for a room for a transfusion.  I said that she did.  After a while of scurrying around and making calls, they had some answers for me that included being told that since I was an hour and a half late to my 11am appt that we missed it and would have to return Monday.  I clarified that I was not an hour and a half late but they failed to call me making it seem like that was the case.
With a 10am appt for Monday morning, we proceeded to our room in the PICU.  Over the next few hours, not only did we get all the rest of her exams done pretty quickly and easily, but we also got a call that we could return downstairs to take the test that we missed at 11am.  By 7pm, she was able to eat dinner and we were waiting for her blood to arrive.  We are so glad that we will be able to go home tonight after her transfusion is complete and we do not have to be back here on Monday morning!  Our next day of tests will be Tuesday.  It will be a kidney function test that spans over 5 hours with intermittent blood draws.  So, there will be a lot of down-time between blood draws during that test.
This evening, we are still awaiting the results of her CT scans and xrays  But her heart and lung test results were fantastic.  I am anxious for the results of her scans since those are the ones that have been an issue in the past since she had abdominal and sinus issues.  We need those issues to be cleared up completely before she can begin chemo.
The most recent schedule we have, which is still contingent upon all her exams getting completed and her having a clean bill of health for transplant to proceed, has us arriving at City of Hope on Dec. 13.  She will have her chemo and ATG protocol Dec. 13-17 and receive Micayah’s marrow on Dec. 18.

3 thoughts on “Hospital Day

  1. By Ross Wilson — last edited Nov 23, 2013 8:11am
    I’m glad your day eventually went well.It seemed like your day was going to be hard it turn out very easy. I’m glad that it was easy on all of you. It has happen to me in my travels in life. I always would look at these things as tests in life.

    Love You All Very Much,
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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