STAT Pulmonologist

I received a call this morning that Naomi was referred for a STAT appt with a pulmonologist.  The soonest this pulmonologist’s office was telling me they could get her in was Friday, Dec. 6th.  Clearly not being a priority, I called our dr’s referring agent back and requested another pulmonologist.  Amazingly, that same office that could not fit us in until Friday, the 6th found an opening for us at 4pm on Monday, the 2nd.  Whether that is STAT, or not, remains up for debate.  In the meantime, she is wearing her mask constantly and I am using essential oils on her that might help fungal issues without risk of side effects.  At least I feel as though I am doing something because throughout this whole process the worst thing for me personally is the feeling helpless.

Today is a day full of cooking and cleaning and family time – all the things “normal” people do.  The challenge for us is to stay focused on things one day at a time and be be grateful for this time together.  We are so thankful for the unending love and support and that we have received from you.  You have all graciously opened up your hearts to us and Naomi and we are eternally grateful.  May you and your families all have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

8 thoughts on “STAT Pulmonologist

  1. By Ross Wilson — Nov 30, 2013 11:10am
    You do the best you can throughout life that’s all you can give. Some people realize this some people don’t. I appreciate everything you have done and am Thankful. I wish I could be with all of you at this time.
    I am glad that somebody had time to see Naomi and you sooner and not later. Please take care all of you at this time. Remember you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love Uncle Ross/Ross

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