Naomi has woken up and is recovering well. She is in a lot of pain. This new catheter line is much larger than the previous line because it needs to support her transplant. So, with the increase in size comes more pain. Her surgeons said that everything has gone great and as well as expected. Our prayers now are for her to not get any infections or illnesses and to be protected from all risks associated with the transplant.

We we will be heading to City of Hope at the end of this week for a final consent meeting. Then, we come home for a week before returning to City of Hope for chemo to begin on Dec 13 followed by transplant on Dec 18. Please remember to keep Micayah in your thoughts and prayers as his procedure is coming up on Dec 18 and while wanting to help Naomi, he undoubtedly is having some anxiety about being the donor.

I am thankful to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. I am grateful for her team of surgeons that really showed me that STAT means next day exploratory surgery. I am appreciative of the communication coordinated by our insurance case managers to make this all happen, literally, overnight. I am so impressed to have received a call personally from her surgeon this morning telling me of her reporting time and have seen a whole new side of healthcare that does not hide behind staff or desks but walks along side us through the process.  I cannot end this journal entry without crediting Saint Gerard for protecting Naomi.  I began praying with Saint Gerard a few years ago during a pregnancy and have found that his intervention continues to carry me whenever one of our children needs prayer. The hand of God is definitely on her.

3 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. By peggy schwebach — Dec 5, 2013 12:04am
    I’ve spent the last hour catching up with you and Naomi. I’ll be staying closer in touch as events progress. We got home and time warped, so to speak, but our prayers have never ceased. God gives you strength you did not know you had. God is with you and does not leave your side. We send our love.

  2. By Ross Wilson — Dec 4, 2013 8:50am
    As tough as a road as it has been for you, Aaron, Naomi, the rest of kids the more people you have along with you the easier it seems to go and the healing process begins.
    I am glad now you can now move on to the City of Hope. I give blessings that Naomi will not get any infections or illness that come with the transplant. That is always a worry with this type of surgery and hope all eyes above are watching and protecting Naomi in her hour of need.
    I will keep Micayah in my prayers let him know he is doing something great and he has nothing to fear. Tell him to make believe he is a knight fighting in one of his little battles.
    I will be thinking and praying for all of you. With many blessings attached 🙂
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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