Santa Has Been Busy

christmas giftsThis evening there was quite a surprise waiting for us in our living room.  Some generous elves stopped by here to give our family Christmas gifts.  It was like a Hallmark commercial: sports equipment for the boys, a dollhouse and accessories for Lauryn and Naomi, a LeapPad for Niamh, and Calico Critters and a Cottage for Caitriona.  They were perfect gifts for each of the children.  There was also a very generous monetary gift which will be a huge assistance to us during Naomi’s upcoming transplant.  We are extremely Blessed to have such fantastic co-workers and friends. After the past few days, it was exactly what we needed – a diversion from disappointment and frustrations and medical bills.  With such kindness, it is easier to have hope and optimism this evening.

Naomi’s procedures have now been postponed until later in December with her actual transplant taking place after Christmas.  We will still be apart on Christmas Day as she is supposed to be admitted by then for her conditioning regimen.  We are learning that nothing is certain when planning these procedures.  We have hit some obstacles that were unexpected – some tests were negative in Vegas, and positive in California…. or the other way around.  The poor girl has had so much blood drawn this past week that it is amazing she has any energy remaining.  All of these tests are for the better good – to help determine which chemo she will be getting and which meds will be necessary after she receives Micayah’s marrow and we wait for engraftment.

The positive side of this delay is that we are home and mostly together, with Aaron working short weeks.  Also, it gives the children time to play with their new gifts!  We are hopeful that our time at City of Hope is done until we have to return for her admission, giving us over a week at home together.  Our largest prayer need continues to be her health – that she will remain infection-free.

Just a reminder than any contribution made through the caringbridge site will NOT go directly to Naomi or her medical bills.  It only supports the caringbridge website.
Assistance for Naomi can be sent directly to Kristy and Aaron at through Paypal or

6 thoughts on “Santa Has Been Busy

  1. Truly my eyes have seen a gift and that gift is a healthy child. The gift of life was the best gift given to us all in our life time. Enjoy your time together over the Holidays it will be relaxing and be less stressful. Remember we all are thinking of you in your time of need.

    Love Uncle Ross/Ross

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