More Transfusions and Labs

As lab results continue to trickle in, things continue to look decent.  For the past week, there have been some discrepancies in her serology reports which have everyone scratching their heads a bit, I think.  These discrepancies have resulted in even more testing being required before we head into transplant week.  But as the results come back for what we hope is this last round of testing, the results continue to come back with positive results.

The bone marrow biopsy last week came back with minimal improvement in marrow cellularity. The doctor said that there was some slight improvement in myeloid development which can be attributed to her neupogen injections.  Her true response to the ATG treatment has been none to very little confirming the need for the transplant.

Her CBC results today guided us back to St. Rose where we spent the day waiting for her blood transfusions between running home and doing some laundry.  We look forward to a weekend of peace ahead and continue to pray for health.  We are so close to transplant.  Hopefully today was the last required blood tests.

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