No News is Good News, I Hope

I expected the phone to be ringing this morning about the blood tests, but have been surprised instead by a quiet day.  As we all sit around wearing face masks and I shoo kids to sanitize hands regularly, we have enjoyed a fairly uneventful day at home.  While Caitriona has slept on my lap most of the day, I have switched over the website some more.  It has been so nice to go back through the old posts and see and feel your support and encouragement, again.  I have realized a few things…

1) There are so many of you that I have never met or even known before Naomi’s diagnosis.

2) Uncle Ross comments more than anyone else!

3) During the hardest times, you commented the most.  As I felt a rise of emotions on certain posts, remembering how difficult that day and circumstance was, your comments and replies of encouragement were all right there.

4) I originally started this to cut down on the amount of email and text messages that I was receiving.  I am very glad that I have this written account of the past few weeks.

5) I need to keep my posts shorter!

So, with that said, I must tell you that Naomi’s owl hat has been found, we are mostly packed, and this all still seems so unreal.  I cannot believe that I am about to leave home for a minimum of 100 days to accompany my daughter to another state and be with her through a life-saving medical procedure.  It makes all the trials I have had in my life up to this point seem so small and insignificant.  Yet, there is a peace in my heart about it all…. because I know there is no other choice.  I have been happy to reduce the workload for all my kids regarding schoolwork this week.  They have played with their Christmas gifts and each other instead.  The boys have been playing baseball and football in the backyard.  The girls have totally redecorated the dollhouse a million times.  Niamh is loving her LeapPad, even if the rest of us are throwing the headphones at her so we do not have to hear the music repeatedly!


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