Transplant Postponed

We were informed today that due to increased bilirubin levels and the Hepatitis lab tests being positive, the transplant has, again, been delayed.  It was very frustrating news since we are literally packed and ready to go.  We were due to leave tomorrow and have chemo begin on Friday.  However, what this gives us is Christmas at home, New Year’s at home and the opportunity for us to save up some more funds to get us through the transplant.

She has no symptoms of Hep A except slight yellowing and increased bilirubin.  But those things could also be attributed to the medicines that she is on since what they are is a sign of is her liver being overloaded.  What this transplant postponement has done was motivate Naomi to drink more fluids.  Personally, I am not convinced that this Hep A test is really accurate.  The Hep B test was not accurate, so, I am sure you can understand my suspicion.  I do understand that the Hep core antibody test was what was positive and perhaps that positive result was pointing to either Hep B or Hep A.  For sure, Hep A is easier to deal with than Hep B, and we are thankful for the negative Hep B test results.  But this is most frustrating considering her severely neutropenic state and the risk of infection for her due to her low white blood cell counts.

The transplant delay is for an unknown amount of time.  Best case scenario is 2 weeks.  The infectious diseases doctor indicated that 3-4 more weeks was more realistic.  We need to wait for her bilirubin levels to start dropping so that we know she is recovering.

Until we leave for transplant, we will be as secluded as we can be.

2 thoughts on “Transplant Postponed

  1. So sorry about the postponement, hope it’s rescheduled soon. Praying about the bilirubin level. Good that she’s drinking more, that’s always very helpful with all the meds. Glad you get the spend the holidays together at home.

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