Levels Dropping

Today is an at-home day for everyone.  It is amazing how slowly time can seem to pass.  We do not know for sure at what point Naomi will be clear to proceed to transplant.  They are tracking three different levels in her blood – her bilirubin is just one of them.  The good news is that yesterday’s blood tests showed a fairly significant reduction in all three of these levels from last week’s tests.  We are all anxious to see what tomorrow’s results show.

In the meantime, we are keeping our bags packed and Naomi has enjoyed a day in her room.  She has watched Netflix, played games and gotten breakfast and lunch in bed.  It is the first day in a really long time that she has been able to just relax in her room and enjoy herself.  I am doing laundry, scrubbing floors and tubs and showers and relocating more blog posts.  We have decided to be thankful for the extra days at home and trust that the next step will open for us sooner rather than later, but all in Good time….

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