Merry Christmas!


On Christmas Eve and the day before, we put together a pretty good Christmas plan, including a tree, a few gifts for each child and our favorites meals: shepherd’s pie for Christmas Eve and Ham and fixings for Christmas Day. We got a tree from a lot that was closing for the low price of $10. The tag said $55! I hung the lights myself (first time in years since Aaron always does it, but he was working) and the kids decorated. Some might say that it is a little leaning to one side, and the decorations are all cluttered on the front, but we all think it is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that the children had a sleepover in the living room around it.

We are doing mostly stocking stuffers with things I know the children needed or could use for homeschool, and one Catholic gift for each to open. All of this would not not have been possible without the generous gifts we have received. I am thrilled to have been able to spend less than $300 for everything for Christmas. We have also kept cards and packages from family over the past few days to give us more to open on Christmas Day. The kids are very excited!

It was Naomi’s one wish to have a tree and she has been so thankful since I brought it home as a surprise. The next few days will continue to be a time of togetherness for our family. She really is a lioness who loves to be part of her family unit. She thrives on being with the other children. Our day will surely involve a dance performance by the children who celebrate each holiday by putting on a show for us. Other than Thursday, when Naomi has a doctor’s appointment and will likely need a transfusion, we will be home together throughout the weekend playing games, eating, and resting.

We are so thankful for the love and generosity of Naomi’s Pride. Each time things appear disappointing for us, your comments, cards and support arrive both here and in our real mailbox, and your love and prayers pick us up and allow us to keep pushing ahead. Merry Christmas, Friends!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Everything you said above is so true in what families are and what they should do when they are with one another at this time. I am glad you have this time to spend with each other. It makes me very Happy. Probably the best gift all of you could give to each other is togetherness and your doing it this week. Enjoy the moments 🙂

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