Happy New Year

On Tuesday, we ended the year with one last visit at Children’s Specialty for the year 2013.  Naomi’s platelets were enough that she was not in need of a transfusion.  Her RBCs were at the point where she could have gotten a transfusion, but her energy remains good and her color was good.  So, we opted to wait until Friday when we can have her get both platelets and RBCs in one trip to the hospital.

We were both prepared for a long day at appts and the hospital.  So, we were thrilled when we were in and out of the doctor’s office quite quickly and on our way HOME to end the year with the rest of our family!  Upon returning home, we baked peanut blossom cookies, played, and made scalloped potatoes and sirloin for dinner.  We have quite a party planned for this evening with some punch, ice cream cones and shrimp with cocktail sauce.  I only hope that Naomi will make it to midnight.  She might need to catch a nap here soon.

Last week, I realized that her weight was continuing to drop.  Not drastically, but a steady, slight dip.  Dr. Walsh recommended Pediasure to help where her appetite was lacking.  After looking at the ingredients and nutrition label on the Pediasure, I was not thrilled.  So, I opted to make my own shakes for her.  I got a good whey based protein powder and add frozen berries, bananas, pears, vegetables, etc, all mixed with hemp milk.  I was shocked to see that hemp milk had the best protein content of the milk substitutes on the shelf.  It has three times as much protein as coconut and rice milks!  The first day, she drank FOUR whole cups of it in one sitting.  Each day since then, I have made her another shake and she has drank them all rather quickly and usually wants seconds or thirds  Today, at her appointment, the scale was up almost half a lb since last Thursday.  We will definitely be continuing the shakes with her  Interestingly, she has also had an increase in appetite since starting on the shakes.  Not sure how that works… but I will take it.  For the past few days, she has actually been eating something at every meal again.

Tonight is a night full of family, food and fun.  Games, music, dancing and laughing are filling the house.  We are down to single digit days until we leave…. hopefully it really happens this time.  We are happy to say goodbye to 2013, and welcome 2014 as a New Year full of hope for health and happiness.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Today we begin to write the book of our life 2014 we put away our life of 2013 in our memories only to be remembered only when needed when brought up in question or in thought.
    With this New Year I will continue to pray along with blessings for you and help in any way I can. Uncle Ross/Ross, Loves all of you and wishes you all the “BEST” for the coming New Year!!! Take care and enjoy this day!!! 🙂 🙂

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