Tick Tock Tick Tock

The anticipation and anxiety is so thick we can cut it with a knife.  The other two times she was supposed to go to transplant, we were much more relaxed about it.  But due to the previous postponements, we are all a little on edge wondering if it will really happen this time.  I am in a sort of a “believe it when I see it” mood this week.  The anxiety that mood is creating has resulted in our house being cleaner and more organized than it has been in months.  The kids bedrooms were all detailed cleaned this week, laundry is about all caught up and organized into the correct rooms, closets are getting organized…. now, maybe we will get to the garage tomorrow since Aaron and I are both home together!  No point fretting, just get sweating!  The kids’ bedrooms were so neglected that it was going to take A LOT of nervous energy for me to get them cleaned. So, I am thankful the energy was exactly that these past few days.

Today was an outpatient day at Children’s and then a trip to St. Rose for platelets.  Naomi and I were both very excited to have Dr. Rashid back today.  It was nice to have her comforting and familiar face back to take care of Naomi today and see us for what we think is the last time before transplant.   It was great for Naomi to see both her and Arlene (the NP) before we leave for CA.

I check my email constantly and jump every time the phone rings.  We are excited to move to this next phase of treatment, and anxious to have the next few weeks go by as quickly as possible with as much ease as possible.  We appreciate all your prayers and positive wishes.

Some of you have inquired about where to send cards, letters, etc to Naomi and Micayah while in CA.  I have posted her hospital address here.


2 thoughts on “Tick Tock Tick Tock

  1. Naomi – we are thinking about you all the time! The boys and I miss you and send you big hugs. I grew up close to Duarte and I’m sure you will enjoy spring; it was my favorite time of year out there! Gorgeous sunny days spent watching the clouds float by. 🙂

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