That Call

Tonight we received a call from COH that Naomi’s bilirubin levels were elevated again on Tuesday. The level was 1.7. We need this level to be at 1.4 of below by Friday.

We were given the option of putting the transplant off another two weeks. Or, we can drive down there for her Friday admission and have her levels tested to see if they are back down to 1.4 or below.

There are risks either way. If we put off the transplant, we have to continue keeping her from getting ill and that means keeping kids home and hoping Naomi does not get exposed to any illnesses while in and out of outpatient appts and hospitals for transfusions. If we proceed with the transplant with high, or even worse, climbing bilirubin levels, it could pose more significant risks to undergo chemotherapy.

The decision we made is to proceed to COH and hope that her levels are back at 1.4 or below on Friday. It is difficult to know what her bilirubin levels are doing because we have results from 12/26/13 of 1.3. The next results are from 1/7/14 of 1.7. It remains to be seen if the levels are increasing due to an infection, or not.

Our bags and vehicle are packed. We are ready to go. We proceed with hope and prayers. Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers. Please join us in a flood of prayers!

11 thoughts on “That Call

  1. Naomi, the Guthrie girls prayed tonight for you at Eucharistic Adoration and will be offering a spiritual bouquet of prayers (Rosaries and Mass) for you that your bilirubin levels will be where they need to be and everything goes smoothly with the transplant. We’re also praying for Malakye for the strength and courage that he needs to be your hero. God bless you!

    • Thank you Guthrie Family! One slight correction: Micayah is her perfect match. Malakye is still a hero for her though, just because he keeps her laughing. 🙂

  2. The Knights of Columbus council in EVCP are planning a rosary for your family and especially Naomi…..You are in our prayers

  3. Dear Kristy, Naomi & Micayah,
    Lifting you up in my prayers. God is with you. I’m saying prayers to their Guardian Angels, St. Pio, Mary and all the Saints to keep them safe and well.

  4. Dear Naomi,
    I am saying a very special Prayer/Blessing for you at this time. I hope all goes well for you at the City of Hope. Just remember I’ll be thinking of you and missing seeing you doing your gymnastics . Your so good at that you have to get back to doing that.Think of that I’m sure that will help you at the City of Hope.Micayah I’ll be praying for you also at the City of Hope. Your A Good Brother what you are doing for your sister I have so much deep respect for you are a true knight. I know it will be tough on everybody involved. So I will be sending many Prayers and Blessings to all of you 🙂 I send you all lots of Love!!!!
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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