Day -4

rATG began around 9:30am and will infuse over 6 hours. If she tolerates it well, the remaining three doses will be given over 4 hours on the next three days.
Overall, I would say that Naomi is doing well. The premeds that were supposed to make her sleepy last night had no effect on her. I left the hospital for the hotel at 11pm thinking she would fall asleep very soon thereafter. But at 1am she texted me and asked to call because she was STILL awake.
This morning, though, she seemed a little different. No appetite. Whiny. Bossy. (Maybe that is not different after all? ) When I came in she was having a bit of a face-off with the nurse about taking meds. She wanted MOM to do it. Seems I walked in at just the right time and had just the right bribe ready for such a face-off.
Then, I had to entice her to eat by giving her a massage. We used dōTerra fennel oil to stimulate her appetite. After a leg and foot massage with fennel oil, proceeded to eat two sausage links, an entire piece of toast and drank all her tea.

She has to do mouth care six times per day to prevent mouth sores. We used dōTerra scented lavender playdough as play therapy during that because she was quite resistant to it.
I think we are heading towards a nap. The netflix is playing and she has reclined her bed. The rATG has caused her blood pressure to be elevated and she is fatiguing fast. Day -4 has been busy but so far, so good.
We will go to the family room this afternoon while she can still leave her room because as her blood counts fall, she will be in isolation in her room. We also have a bath on the schedule for every day. We sure stay busy in here!

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