Day -4 Completed

After a bit of a rough morning, Day -4 perked up.  Or, more accurately, Naomi perked up.  She ate fairly well throughout the day, played in the family room with me and Micayah, and then went to the playroom with a volunteer while Micayah and I were at Mass.  She and I are a mean team on tabletop soccer and whipped Micayah quite a few times.  She also enjoyed playing the piano there.  We got batteries and a screwdriver to make the Lite Bright work, so she was happy about that, too.  The playroom there is Montessori-inspired.  They have afternoon sessions each day for children well enough to attend as a group.  There is also a teacher on staff who works with the children one-on-one to give parents a break.

Her rATG treatment went quite well and her blood pressure stayed low enough that she did not need medicated through it.  During the rATG treatment, a nurse sits at the window and watches her the entire time and does vitals every 30 minutes.  It is interesting how quickly time goes by here.  But yet the days seem so long.

While Micayah and I attended Mass tonight, we talked with the retired Priest here who comes to COH and does visitations.  He took my name and phone number and will be coming to COH on Monday or Tuesday to anoint both Micayah and Naomi.

The end of Day -4 brings about the completion of 2/4 chemo doses and 1/4 rATG doses.

As a reminder, here is where we are at:

Friday 01/10/14 -5 Admit to Peds 3 West Fludarabine 30mg/m2, Cytoxan10 mg/kg
Saturday 01/11/14 -4 Fludarabine 30mg/m2, Cytoxan10 mg/kg rATG 15mg/kg 
Sunday 01/12/14 -3 Fludarabine 30mg/m2, Cytoxan 10 mg/kg rATG 1.5mg/kg
Monday 01/13/14 -2 Fludarabine 30mg/m2, Cytoxan 10 mg/kg rATG 15mg/kg
Tuesday 01/14/14 -1 rATG 15mg/kg Start CSA 1.5 mg/kg lV BID
Wednesday 01/15/14 0 Infusion of bone marrow
Thursday 01/16/14 ‘l MTX 10 mg/m2
Saturday 01/18/14 3 MTX 5 mg/m2
Tuesday 01/21/14 6 MTX 5 mg/m2

3 thoughts on “Day -4 Completed

  1. A little joy in your day will make all of you smile 🙂 Have a Great day and I’ll be think about you as your day and week goes on. Take care and many prayers to all of you.
    Love Uncle Ross/Ross

      • I am doing fine. It was quite cold here in PA for awhile and a little bit of snow fell. But now it is beginning to start warming up and melting all the snow that fell away. But before you know it old man winter will be peaking his head around the corner again to say “Hi”!!! I miss all of you Take care.I say many prayers for all of you and will be with you as best as I can.
        Love Uncle Ross

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