On Saturday evening, Micayah and I attended Mass at the Immaculate Conception Parish.  A beautiful church, with the most amazing Nativity scene I’ve seen.  Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men were behind the altar, facing the congregation and in the center where a Baby Jesus normally is laying in a manger, there was the Tabernacle.  It really was a unique Nativity scene and I wish I had taken a picture of it.

While there, I introduced myself and Micayah to Father Cassidy and told him why I was here and about Naomi.  He did not hesitate to agree to come here and anoint her and Micayah.  He took my telephone number and agreed to call me on Monday and stop by on Monday or Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon, he came to Naomi’s room at COH and was here for quite a while.  He prayed with each of us and for each of us.  He anointed Micayah and Naomi.  He said a Litany of prayers.  Naomi has been anointed three times now and each one has been a special and unique occasion, but this one was powerful.  I have been near tears ever since.  With the enormity of what is about to take place tomorrow, I have a great sense of peace.

This morning, Micayah and I were late to arrive at COH because I was taking it slow and letting Micayah eat and relax as best as he can since tomorrow is Day 0.  I texted Naomi and told her, “I am feeding Micayah lots of food so that you will get extra good marrow tomorrow.  We will see you soon though!”

She replied, “Iv bin watin so lon zat i think im in a drem its so exsidin yay.”

I am speechless and cannot keep my eyes dry.  They are both such good children.

Micayah has been at times overwhelmed with anxiety about what is about to happen.  I continue to remind him that he is a cure.  That is being a true hero.  So many people go through life not feeling as though they have a purpose, and here at the age of 12, Micayah gets to be a REAL hero.  He is most concerned about the pain he might feel and the sedation.  He does not know what to expect when he wakes up.  I reminded him that none of us every really know what to expect when we wake-up!

Thank you all for the prayers, well wishes, and donations that continue to come in through Naomi’s GoFundMe – they have allowed Micayah and I to eat while here and still keep a reserve for paying for hotel rooms.  This first week of hotel time was donated by a dear friend.  After this week, I will begin paying out-of-pocket and then will be reimbursed about 50% by insurance.  I pray that Naomi recovers quickly and that the Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena will have room for us when she is ready to continue as an outpatient here.

While typing this post, Father Jude, the Priest on staff at COH visited us.  His words of prayer went straight to the heart of what we are each dealing with on an individual basis.  He was so gentle and patient with Naomi.   We continue to be humbled and blessed beyond words.

2 thoughts on “Anointing

  1. Kristy, Micayah and Naomi, the whole Carmelite Monastery of St. Joseph in St. Louis is praying for you. All my prayers are for your successful transplant, quick recovery and health. Aaron and the rest of the Wilson little ones are in my prayers, too. Much love is being sent your way!

  2. We are all praying for you. Father Bob will celebrate a private Mass tomorrow especially for Naomi and Micayah. Tell Micayah that I am SOOOO proud of him. The Holy Spirit will be with him so he has nothing to fear. I will be waiting on pins and needles for your post tomorrow telling all what a successful day it was.

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