Micayah in Recovery


He is finished. The dr said that his marrow was plentiful and he was easy to harvest from. Thank God! Once I got to him his only concern was when he would be able to see Naomi. I called her so they could talk. He could not believe that it was over because he did not remember anything.

6 thoughts on “Micayah in Recovery

  1. Dear Micayah and Naomi,
    I am happy for both of you. That everything happened with no problems. I wish all of you the best and will continue to pray for you as you start the process of healing. Take care and look forward to talking to you soon.
    Uncle Ross

    • Micayah I am very proud of you! I hope soon you and Naomi will be sharing many more photos for me to enjoy! I hope you have a comfortable recovery! I love you!

  2. Kristy, Micayah, and Naomi:
    My heart beats a bit faster as I read the progress of your adventure and a tear of joy appears knowing you have now crossed this particular mountain. Thinking of all of you and wanting to give you a great love hug. The path down the mountain will have some rocks, but I really believe you have been given the strength, courage,and resources to complete the journey. God be with you. Prayers surrounding you! Peggy

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