Day 1+

First, I have to be honest and say that as positive I was yesterday was as negative as I was today. Fatigue for me is making me miserable. Today was my resting day before Aaron and the children visit this weekend. But Micayah’s computer had me on tech support for an hour.

Micayah is doing pretty well but, as expected, but really is quite sore. And, actually, his throat from the intubation is worse than his hip!

Then, I was concerned since Naomi’s blood pressure was high and not dropping. They did finally give her something for it. 155/101 is way too high for my comfort level. It was a relief when it did finally come down last night.

But what really did it for me was my van breaking down. I pulled up to the front door of the hospital to drop Micayah off so that he did not need to walk from the parking lot. I helped him to the bench with our things to wait while I parked. When I got back into the van to move it, it was DEAD. Lights, batteries, music were all fine. The engine would not turn over. I was fuming! So very fuming. Like, “I need to go to Confession now” fuming. (Hey, I am honest, right?)

I called and an Auto Imports Specialist who came over immediately because of my tears and tried to fix it on-site. It was not gonna happen. I called State Farm Insurance and they sent me a tow truck to take the van to AIS’s shop. The tow truck finally arrived almost 4 HOURS after I made the roadside-service call!

I called Enterprise to come get me so I could pick up a rental. There ended up being challenges about the rental though, too, because all I had was a check card (from an out of state bank) to pay. So, on Friday, I have to go back to Enterprise with documentation from the hospital that I am “local” due to a medical procedure at COH.

Naomi did great on Day 1. She ate a hot dog, fries, 4 super large strawberries, 2 string cheese and 7 California Rolls. She is DETERMINED to stay off a bag of tpn as long as she can! She was low energy and colored/drew in bed all day.

At night, my sweet kids calmed me down with Micayah giving me a shoulder massage and Naomi rubbing my feet and painting my nails. They are such good kids – I did not even ask them to do that. Naomi insisted I go wash my feet so she could do it.

I started this post on Thursday but collapsed from exhaustion at night. So I am completing it on Friday morning. We move hotels today (Friday) and Aaron travels. Please keep us all in your prayers!

One thought on “Day 1+

  1. I am glad to hear that Micayah is doing better. I hope some of the pains though will subside and make more easier to deal with. I am glad Naomi’s blood pressure has gone done. Lets pray it stays that way. I am also glad to see her appetite is with her to make her strong. A good sign in the healing process.
    Take each day as it comes and enjoy it to its fullest. There is always positive in each day of your life 🙂

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