Day +5

Naomi was a bit contentious today.  Having more of an appetite this morning than previous mornings, I thought we were off to a great start.  But by evening, she was pitching fits about meds again.  Yesterday, she was able to work her way from liquid flagyl to a tablet.  Tonight, she was able to get switched to tylenol tablets instead of liquid.  It was a well-earned award, almost worthy of an Emmy for best drama.  Just when I think that we have reached a new level of maturity and we are beyond tantrums over meds, something like this happens.

Her energy continues to be great.  This evening, we played kickball in the room.  She enjoys time out of bed and does just about anything she wants in the room.  But lately, she doesn’t want to do much because she is bored.  It has come t the point where I have to suggest what we should do, and then even she does not often think my suggestions sound appealing.  She is beginning to get more impatient about being on isolation.  She will be on contact isolation for her infection for seven more days.  It is probably wishful thinking that her white blood cell count might recover enough by then that she can leave her room.

Day +5 began with me still with Naomi.  We watched Oz the Great and Powerful and snuggled.  Today, she wanted Nanny and Lauryn to watch that with her.  So, I kept Caitriona occupied long enough for that.

I also got my van back today.  On that note, we are extremely thankful for the donations we have received from friends and family.  



4 thoughts on “Day +5

  1. I feel bad for the hours Naomi has to wait in Isolation.But we all have to look at it like this Only good intentions are coming out of this from every one involved who is helping her. Although some days may be dull for her the healing is starting and will eventually set her free to do whatever she may want to. So she needs have some patience and be calm:) Remember Joy makes the heart happy which makes the mind happy which makes the soul happy which makes you happy 🙂 We all can find a little Joy in our life each day.

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