Day +7

It is hard to believe that a week has passed already since Naomi’s transplant and Micayah’s donor procedure.  Both of them are doing very well.  Micayah is back in Vegas and back to dancing and completely free of any pain or discomfort.  Naomi, still on contact isolation protocol, is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep busy as she gets more stir-crazy by the day.  I made the suggestion today that she turn off the iPad for the day an do other things.  It worked really well!  She has been very busy doing a variety of things and it is obvious she feels more productive.  The iPad has its place, to be sure, but sometimes it becomes necessary to be hands-on rather than tech-on.  Tonight, while I was with her I commented on how warm the yellow gowns get.  She said, “I wish you did not have to wear that.  You really do look silly.”  I reminded her that I am willing to look silly for HER!

Being the negotiator that she is, she has managed to work her way off ALL liquid medicines.  She is now on capsules or tablets of all her meds.  I am not sure if that was the work of a future attorney, or if her cuteness made them all feel so badly about making her cry over yucky-tasting medicines?

Today, after turning off the iPad, she played hide-and-seek with Lauryn (much to my disapproval!), played with doTerra essential oil scented therapeutic playdough, tic-tac-toe toss, kickball, puzzles and checkers with Mommy, watched the Nancy Drew Movie, played with her styling head, and got some mail!  She received cards and lottery cards.  Being a very sore loser of any game, she was almost insistent that we go to PA and buy another lottery ticket since she did not win.  I explained that another card would cost money, as would the trip there to buy another ticket which would just about make it pointless.  She said that she HAD to win “at least a dollar” and then proceeded to lament the unfairness of someone having paid for a card that she got no win on.  After about 2 hours, the losing card was still sitting at her bedside.  Having thought she had moved on, I was quite surprised when she abruptly sat up and grabbed the card, looked at it again with such disdain.  She handed me the card and asked me to “please throw this card away so I no longer need to be reminded that I did not win.”  🙂

She got an awesome blanket today, too.  It is soft and has her name in sparkles on the corner.  She had it on her bed when I came in today.  She said that one of the child life specialists brought it for her.  Her doctor did her rounds before I arrived today.  (I was delayed by laundry today.)  However, her doctor did peek her head in to tell me again how well Naomi is doing.  She continues to have no fevers; her blood pressure has stabilized; she continues to eat (sometimes with a lot of prodding required); no rashes or skin issues.  By all accounts, she is really doing extremely well and we feel Blessed.

Note: I made this post on Wednesday night and forgot to add the photo and hit publish. My mind is a bit scattered these days. I am homeschooling children in multiple states, juggling kids here and trying to be with Naomi as much as possible.


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