Day +11

Sunday, 11 days after BMT.  12 days in isolation.  Let me tell you how amazing my child is.

Before I had left, she was lamenting being in isolation so long.  It was especially hard for me because I was informed last night that there is a really good possibility that she will be in isolation until discharged because she tested positive for the c dificil bacteria.  She has been on antibiotics for it for the past 9 days and is almost done with her course of treatment for it, but it is one of those things that is extremely dangerous to other neutropenic patients and contagious.  So, she will always be treated as contagious and not able to visit the playroom, family room, etc.  In some cases, if a child tests negative for it repeatedly, a doctor can override that, but the nurses said that is rare and most children stay on isolation because of the risk to the other patients in the unit.

So, anyway, I walked into the room to find her full of bubbliness and smiles.  She was watching Katy Perry on YouTube.  It was the making of the Roar music video.

I am so impressed with her ability to find something she likes and not linger in sadness.  We watched it together and then listened to Roar quite a few times and also Glen Hansard’s This Gift.

We played Connect Four and spent time with everyone at home on Facetime; Naomi and the boys even played Connect Four together through the Facetime, and then Naomi turned on the Irish music and started dancing.  She said that when she dances she can picture home in her mind and can imagine she is dancing at home on the practice stage.  She is truly phenomenal.  Her courage and strength will surely take her far in life.

After dancing for a while, she was getting hot and changed to a cooler shirt.  She is so beautiful.  I am a bit surprised that she still has hair.  I thought it would start falling out by now?  We are thankful that she is doing as well as she is.  After doing some research on recovery time periods, I have found a new well-spring of patience.



2 thoughts on “Day +11

  1. Cora’s hair didn’t start falling out until right before we were discharged. She was ready to go day +13 (which is unheard of!) but I asked to wait a few days because of Andrew’s birthday. I can’t remember what day it actually started falling out though. Hair loss can be traumatic. I will be praying for you.

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