Day +12

Day +12 was uneventful for Naomi, but I know that really is as good as we get right now. Like the dr said during rounds yesterday, this is the nail-biting period. The best part of the day was that Naomi ate an entire cup of chili and 2 muffins. She also ate 2 protein bars throughout the day. Her labs reflect this as her protein is in normal range!

Caítriona (and laundry!) kept me away from Naomi for quite a bit, again. That well-spring of patience I found to get through Day +11 was drained really fast by Caitriona being so needy. I wish I could just put her into the Ergo and wear her in Naomi’s room for an hour or two a day. What a difference that would make!

Naomi’s thoughts were with Narnia all day. There was a Narnia DVD on the peds shelf. I grabbed it thinking it was one of the movies but it was about how the movie was made. She was disappointed. Today, I think I will download it from Amazon.

She kept herself from going stir-crazy by making bracelets and gifts for each of her siblings. She is so thoughtful. I think it is significant that the first person she made a gift for was Niamh, who she has historically fought with more than anyone else. It is little things like that keeping me moving ahead, as deep inside I am kind of feeling like the White Witch of Narnia. Sleep deprivation is not nice and seeing no change in labs feels like an endless winter. I am sure my family is afraid that I might turn them all to stone!

Aunt Marie might be my saving grace. She sent Naomi an awesome owl hat.

While that hat IS awesome,


I think what will ultimately save everyone’s sanity is the delicious yarn and knitting pattern she sent for me. I need to get my fingers to work! Narnia for Naomi and knitting for me. Please say some prayers that we can keep Caítriona better behaved today. She was a nightmare for Nanny. Her little world is spinning sideways and she does not know what to do. It is amazing how the smallest person has the largest impact on the flow of the day!


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