Day +13

It was craft day today. We made flowers to decorate Naomi’s window. There is one flower for each day since the transplant.

We also put up some valentine’s window decorations although we are hoping to not be inpatients on Feb 14!

Naomi was in VERY good spirits and so silly and active. Her labs today look like there is a trend towards less of a dip each day, perhaps? We are all so anxious to see some progress on her labs.

It was quite a challenge for her to eat today. She did not have any appetite. But when the dr did rounds, the dr stressed how important protein intake is right now. Fortunately, I got Naomi some Balance bars from Trader Joes that are 15g of protein in a small bar – and Naomi eats them. The dr also ordered high protein shakes for her. So, I was forceful with Naomi and kept reminding her to drink it by saying it was good medicine and she needed to drink it.

Her one food request for the day was clam chowder. I earn the World’s Worst Mom Award because I forgot it at the hotel last night when I went back to her. What, with all the stuffed animals that needed to come here, and the new list of animals being admitted there, and the focus being on looking for her wonder light, it is easy to see how I was distracted and forgetful! So, if anyone has seen her favorite wonder light that puts stars on the ceiling, please let me know. In the meantime, I think I will be tearing the van apart today and having Aaron double check at home to see if it was never here at all. She had chili leftover from the previous night and sweetly agreed to eat that for me.

The day with Caitriona was much better, although she has learned that screaming is the best thing to do when told to do something she does not want to do. She can stop the world with her piercing screams. I am certain the man in the car beside us last night thought I was terrorizing her. There were literally people peeking their heads out the doors in the small office building which we were parked next to! Putting her into a car seat when she wants to walk (again) could be classified as child abuse, maybe? And to expect her to sit in a high chair while we eat. Whoa! What was I thinking?!?

Then, Sweet Tomatoes was getting ready to close. I had to get whatever else I wanted off the buffet before they put things away. I got a generous helping of chocolate lava cake with spiral ice cream and peanuts. Caítriona refused to eat another bite of her soup…. the soup she insisted on getting up to get while I was trying to eat and she already had a full plate in front of her. I insisted she eat the last three bites of the clam chowder before she shared my lava cake and ice cream. Her refusing her soup, and me refusing to be controlled by an almost-2 year old, I won, of course because I did not have to share my cake and ice cream!

The highlight of my night was coming back to the hotel (technically on day +14) and Lauryn had left me a note, a chocolate mini bar and a glass of wine. What a sweet girl. She has had her hands full with Caítriona, for sure! When I stop to think of the dynamics of this situation and the separation of our family, the dedication of each child, the persistence of everyone to keep doing school and help wherever and whenever needed, I am eternally thankful that we homeschooled from the beginning and raised children who put family first. Having such good kids has made this overwhelmingly difficult situation much easier to tolerate. We are all counting down the days until we can see each other again.

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