Grow Cells Grow!

Aaron and the children arrived last night and we are all together again.  Naomi has been asleep for about 12 hours now and continues to get the rest her body needs to help her cells grow.  Interestingly, she requested that I play the Pandora track of Instrumental Christmas Music for her to sleep to last night.  How fitting that her numbers climb to Christmas music! Today was like Christmas again, and the gift far better than any gift ever asked for or received.

Her labs today are VERY exciting.  Her WBCs increased from 0.1 (100) to 0.2 (200).  Also, she has an ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) of 0.1 (100)!  The transplant is definitely working!

It is almost as though she waited for Micayah, or Daddy, or maybe all of us to be together.  We are so thankful for the continued prayers, masses of devotion to her and our family, and the generous outpouring of support we continue to receive.  We are definitely celebrating today!



3 thoughts on “Grow Cells Grow!

  1. I am glad to hear Naomi continues to heal. Hopefully with the family all out to see her it will be ever more helpful. Many blessings and prayers to Naomi in her quick recovery with her health. I am thinking of all of you and send my prayers everyday and everynight.
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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