Day +20

Not much new today. Naomi received an infusion of neupogen to encourage her cells to come in more quickly, and in the doctor’s words “get her out of this room, to group, or doing whatever it is she would rather be doing outside this room.” All that sounds nice!

As of Tuesday morning, her WBCs came up to 400. ANC still holding at 100. Platelets rose to 45ish (labs not in front of me right now). RBCs dropped to 3.39, hemoglobin 9.6 (I think).

Today was a resting day. None of us had much energy. Perhaps it was the cold and cloudiness that has enshrouded this area for a few days now? I actually took a 45 minute nap while back at the hotel this afternoon.

We are glad to have 20 days down and be a fifth of the way to home! I am really starting to miss my bed. Seeing home on Facetime makes me sad now.

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