Day +21 – Bam! Look at All Those Cells!

I had to ask the nurse to repeat the labs on the phone this morning. Then I still did not believe it until I saw them for myself. I was sure she had the wrong person’s labs in front of her!

WBCs 2300
ANC 1700
Platelets 52
Hemoglobin 10.2

Those WBCs and ANC are higher than she has been since diagnosis!

The doctor ordered neupogen one more time today to help the cells come in faster. She said one more day of ANC above 500 and isolation is over!

Naomi’s energy levels are fantastic. Her attitude is incredible. We had so much fun today. She ate a decent lunch, too. Best news is that she will be discharged sometime next week!

4 thoughts on “Day +21 – Bam! Look at All Those Cells!

  1. Naomi, you are such a brave and strong girl, with a beautiful attitude and a beautiful smile. I am so proud of you and your brave brother. I have been praying for you all through this, and I am glad that you are feeling well.

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