Day +23 and Day 24

On day +23, I took Caitriona half way home to meet Aaron who took her all the way home. I am preparing to move into the Pasadena Ronald McDonald house and Nanny is preparing to leave for home. I will miss her company.

Naomi is continuing to do great. She ended antibiotics and her labs are right where they should be. They have fallen some since ending the neupogen, but we are happy with her progress still.

She is out of her room more than inside it and sleeps like a baby at night. I am so happy to see her running and smiling and teasing me as she pretends to do walkovers and flips.

I am so happy for her that despite our financial burdens, her gymnastics lessons will continue as soon as she is able due to the generosity of others who will cover her first year back. That is beyond anything I ever expected or hoped. Affording lessons was not something I saw us doing easily. So a year to get back on our feet is an amazing gift!

We are so excited to have just a few more days here and move into the next phase if her treatment, outpatient care. I had my meeting and trainings with the outpatient nurses. All her meds are ready for Monday AM pickup. She will begin with 2 appt. per week and a bone marrow biopsy on Day +30.

I cannot believe we are here at this place already. I never dreamed she would do as well as she has and am immensely proud of her strength. She is even taking cyclosporin without me needing to beg and plead, or with her shedding tears. The doctors were able to get her really small capsules of cyclosporin which has eliminated the need for me to put it into gelcaps myself.

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