Day +25

They can’t all be good days, I guess. Today was disappointing because Naomi’s WBC count fell back down to 1.0 (1000) and her ANC to 0.4 (400). It was to be expected, I guess, since the major jumps she had a few days ago were supported by her Neupogen injections. Now, without Neupogen over the past two days, she dropped significantly both days. Tonight, she will get Neupogen again. She is still free of the line all day long and has good energy. I did err on the side of caution and keep her in her room today although they never told me I had to do that. It is so busy here at the hospital on weekends and the family room has quite a few people there. So, I thought it was best to hang out in her room today.

This afternoon, Lauryn and I moved into the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) while Nanny and Malakye kept Naomi company. I think we will be very comfortable there. There is a wonderful backyard with swings, slides, playhouses, bikes, and various other toys. There are patio tables and lots of room to run and play. We are in the master suite which will comfortably sleep all 8 of us.

Naomi spent some time today packing up things in her room. She is a little worried that her drop in ANC will make her stay here longer. When I am stressed, I clean or do something. She must be like me because she seemed determined to pack up all her stuff tonight. It was almost like if she packed, then she HAD to be discharged.

Tonight we are watching movies in Naomi’s room at the hospital. Actually, we have the tv tuned to the Olympics and are watching it muted In between watching Prince Caspian on my computer. When this is over, I look forward to sleeping in a bed that is not a hotel bed. The sheets, blankets and comforters look far more comfy than the hotel sheets were. Today, February 9 and it is one month since Naomi and I left home. It seems even longer than that, actually. At Day +25, we are 25% of the way home.

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