Day +30 Addendum

Naomi’s labs were pretty awesome today. Her RBCs and platelets are all up from Tuesday’s discharge. A normal RBC range begins at 4.10 and she is at 4.01. Normal hemoglobin begins at 12.0 – she is at 11.9!

Also, her WBCs are doing very well with a WBC count of 1800 and ANC count of 900.

Her bone marrow biopsy and aspiration went well. She had no reaction this time and her blood pressure stabilized much more quickly. This afternoon, she is doing quite well, even playing! Her and Lauryn have been singing ROAR all afternoon. She said that today “they held me down, but I got up” with bone marrow biopsy and aspiration. She says she has had enough, too. Yeah, I hear that!

The only thing lacking today is her appetite. She has eaten half of a bagel and half of a scone. Hopefully she will make up for it tonight when we have our Valentine’s Day party all together.

She was taken off the IV hydration at night and some meds were changed to “as needed” with me given instructions for when to give them. It is so exciting to see her doing so well! At this point, it is our hope that she will remain transfusion-free. We do not expect to have much to update over the weekend since Naomi is not due to the clinic until Monday.


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