Day +36 – Clinic

At Naomi’s clinic appointment today, we learned that her levels continue to fluctuate.  Her WBCs are at 1000.  ANC dropped to 300 again.  Her hemoglobin also dipped slightly to 10.7.  Her platelets continue to soar and are at 135,000!  The best news is that her biopsy results from last week demonstrated that Naomi’s bone marrow is 98% Micayah’s!  At the 30 day biopsy, it is great if the donor’s marrow is at 90-95%.  We are very pleased with 98%!

Due to her low ANC, she received an injection of Neulasta.  Like the Neupogen she received before her transplant, it will help to stimulate WBC growth and only needs to be given every 10 days.  Hopefully, it will only need to be done this one time.  Like the lioness she was before the transplant when I had to give her injections, so she was today when the nurse gave her the Neulasta.  It was a traumatizing experience for everyone.  I seriously have never seen such a stink raised in all my life as when she gets an injection.

There is not much more we can do except get through one day at a time.  The arrangements here at the House are decent, but difficult.  The policies are such that all children under the age of 18 must remain with a parent at ALL times.  While I understand the reasoning behind it, the logistics behind it are quite difficult to manage.  For an introvert like myself, I might need a week or two in isolation when this is all over.

Naomi is not due to the clinic again until Monday.  At that time, we will see how well she is doing and determine if we can go to weekly appointments.  Her doctor also gave us some hope of an early return home once her WBCs and ANC start to come up and stay up on their own.  Originally, we were told to expect to be here for 100 days after the transplant.  But due to our large family logistics and the fact that Naomi is recovering so well, her primary doctor said today that we can leave earlier as long as everything continues as it has been.

There are so many people who have made this difficult time so much easier to handle.  Gifts from family and friends to show your love and concern, cards and letters of encouragement and support, dear neighbors and friends who care for our home and pets in our absence,  coworkers and employers who are understanding and supportive, those who provide child care for our littlest ones and companionship to our older ones….. surely I am missing so many others. On that note, we are so grateful for all of your prayers!  We have been Blessed by all the devotions, rosary offerings, Masses said on our behalf  The mercies of God have certainly blessed Naomi for her to proceed so smoothly through the transplant.  At this time, we ask that Naomi’s WBCs would be firmly engrafted and her ANC start to rise in a miraculous way.  I ask for peace of mind for myself as I care for all the children here on my own over the next week while Aaron works, and traveling safety and a productive week for him.  As we start to get anxious for our return home, we are planning a Welcome Home Party.  I do not yet have a date or location, but will be sure to let you know when one has been decided and anyone interested in details can contact me offline at that time.


3 thoughts on “Day +36 – Clinic

  1. Dear Naomi, I hope this find you doing well today. I hear if everything goes well possibly you all can come home sooner. That would be great!!!! I will pray that your WBC and ANC rise to a better level so we all can be peaceful. I say many prayers for you all that you are safe.
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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