45 Days From Home

Saturday marked 45 days since Naomi and I have been at home. At least we were all able to be together for a few days. This past week, we enjoyed the whole family being together for 8 full days!
It had its moments of ups and downs with all 8 of us in the master suite together. Quarters are a little tight. It makes the 1200 sq ft we had in Edgewood seem like a castle!
We appreciate the meals brought in by volunteers, even if i do need to prepare neutropenic food for Naomi sometimes because there is nothing safe for her. The other children can at least eat easily. There is also a Trader Joes just a mile down the road which is extremely convenient since we do not have much room to stock up food. There are many meals that we prepare for ourselves. The volunteer meals come frequently on the weekends.
We are all sincerely itching to go home though. There were some tears this weekend as Aaron prepared to leave and none of the children were going along.
Some photos of our week…..











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