Fire Station 31

The Manager of the Ronald McDonald House called us tonight and said that the Pasadena Fire Station was offering to take us out for frozen yogurt. We considered it for just a moment because Naomi was advised to avoid public places and eating out, but it seemed safe and a moment of consideration was all we needed to say YES!


There were two open seats in the fire truck. So, Naomi and I were able to ride in the fire truck while Aaron drove the rest of the children in the van. It was Naomi’s first time in a fire truck. She got to wear a headset with microphone and enjoyed talking into it!


They took us to 21 Choices. It was great fun to choose our own frozen yogurt favors and toppings.




When we were finished with our yogurt, all of the children were allowed to hang out inside the truck.  All of the children had a blast looking around inside.  We joked that when we outgrow the van, we will need to buy a used fire truck since they all fit in there so well.


We look forward to visiting with them again next week. We were invited to the station for a tour and then all of the kids can take a ride.  We are so thankful for fun and spontaneous activities like this to break up our time here. Now that Naomi is down to one visit at the clinic per week, we have a lot of time on our hands.

Thank you, Pasadena Fire Station 31!


One thought on “Fire Station 31

  1. Dear Naomi, It looks like it was a “Great” day in Pasadena. I am glad everyone is doing well. I send many prayers to all of you.Take care and hope all of you will be on your way to a peaceful life soon. Great pictures of all of you also 🙂

    Uncle Ross/Ross

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