Labs are Done and Now We Wait

After a month of clinic appts, I finally got it right today by packing lunches and snacks last night, each in personally marked lunch bags with individually wrapped sandwiches and surprise snacks.

While waiting for labs, they ate bananas and waited patiently. Labs went quickly and then we went outside to enjoy lunch in the shade. I treated them to a drink at the kiosk while I got myself an iced mocha.

After lunch, the kids ran around a bit and Naomi sat in the “Lions Circle of Hope” and made some bracelets.

We headed back to the clinic to wait for the appt with the dr. The anxiety is overwhelming. Waiting for results from the labs is just too much.

Naomi had a bit of a bloody nose last night. Just a tiny spot inside her nose. No trickle. No running. It was just there inside her nostril and was easy to clear. I hope it was just a result of the weekend prophylactic that she takes. I seem to remember her having this issue before the transplant while she was on this med. I worry it could be a virus symptom. The fact that it clotted so well and did not trickle helps me to think her platelets are still fine. While she has done so well with her recovery, her low WBCs give us concern and the fact that rejection could still happen is in the back of my mind. I will need PTSD counseling when this is all over. And a 12 step program to stop worrying about if the environment is clean enough for her.

Any blood from her sends me close to hysterical. How will I ever be able to watch her do gymnastics again?







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