Aaron returned to work last week, leaving me to head our homeschool alone for the first time in months. It was an unexpectedly normal week. There were some difficult moments but the week went, overall, extremely well. I even forgot to flush Naomi’s line one night and went up to do it while she was asleep. Another night, I forgot to flush it and let it go until morning! I was completely exhausted at the end of the week.

This past week was the end of her antifungals meds. Goodbye pink fluconazole! That was a tablet that always started breaking up in her mouth. She hated it and is so glad for it to be gone. We had doughnuts this morning to celebrate her having had her last pill of fluconazole last night. My homemade powdered sugar coated doughnuts were a huge hit. Not a great healthy start to being antifungals med free, but our dirt is stellar in all other ways so we enjoyed every bite!

Naomi has appts tomorrow at COH. I am not sure if we will leave tonight or early in the morning. The traffic is too heavy to start out for there now. And with Call the Midwife on PBS tonight, I think I will just wake at 5am to make the drive in the morning.

Our days have been filled with school, playing outside, walks and riding bikes, and evening family time.

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