Two Weeks Off!

An awesome appt today on Day +96. Her appts was so great that we do not need to return for TWO weeks! This will be our longest stretch between doctor appointments since Sept 18th when this all began. Now, after 7 months, we can finally experience two weeks of “normal!”

Wbc 3400
Anc 2400
Hg 8.8
Platelets 180

Her liver and kidneys were happy, so we are all happy! We will know the results of her engraftment analysis by the end of the week. She was at 96% around Day +30; 93% around Day +60 and now we wait for Day +100 results.

Friday will be Day +100. We are so thankful for how well she continues to do! This week we have family photos scheduled ad some surprises for Naomi. 🙂

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