100 Days!

100 Days!

100 Days!

Over the past 7 months, each of our sweet children have been through more than seems fair. They have struggled, grown, and learned so much but have not yet figured out what all of these experiences mean for themselves.

The most difficult aspect of childhood illness has been its effect on each individual member of the family, and that effect on the family as a whole. Malakye, Lauryn, Niamh and Caitriona have each earned a celebration today as much as Naomi and Micayah. They have had to fight to help save their sister. They have had to be selfless beyond what is reasonably expected of children their ages. They have been alone with their thoughts and emotions more than a child should have had to be.

Micayah is a devoted brother to all his siblings, but especially patient with Naomi while she recovers. He endured months of knowing the transplant was coming and the postponements of last year. Transplant Day was Naomi’s New Birthday, thanks to the generosity and love of Micayah. January 15th will always be a day that they will both be recognized and honored.

We are so thankful for how well Naomi has done over these 100 Days and look forward to another 100 days with increasing good health, strength and happiness. We are realizing that there are many levels to healing, and not all can be calculated and measured with blood tests and vitals. The healing of hearts and minds takes place more secretly, deep inside each of us, and often requires more time than we want to admit or allow ourselves to have.

Today, we will celebrate, and celebrate BIG because it is Day +100!

(By the way, while the photo is very cute, one of these things is not like the other. Someone was less than cooperative. Can you see who?)

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