Day +103 – Red Rock and Engraftment Results

We heard back from City of Hope today with the results for Naomi’s engraftment test that was drawn last Monday. We are thrilled to share that her results were 97.8%! That means that almost 98% of her cells are from her donor’s marrow. Almost at 100%!

Since we did not have to report to the clinic today, we celebrated our day off by hiking at Red Rock.  Naomi was rock climbing and fearless just like the other children.  She and I were both winded at the start of our climb up the hill.  It had been quite a while since we were up there!  But before long, we were climbing pretty well. I had Caitriona in the backpack and chased the other kids as they climbed…. Even though I told them before we got there that we would not climb and only hike. It is kind of impossible to go to Red Rock and not climb. We really enjoyed our day.

Caitriona and I took a selfie…



Miss Niamhy is getting so big.  She is very voluminous in everything she does.  She was thrilled to be on the trails!



There was a ledge up high that could only be accessed by crawling under a break in the rocks.  Micayah, Malakye, Lauryn and Naomi all climbed up there for me.  Naomi got down before I could snap a photo.



Naomi climbing up the rocks that lead to the ledge.



Our view from the mountainside.





Naomi, taking a break as we climb up….



This rock was kind of floating up there with air underneath.  🙂



Micayah and Naomi are waaaaay up there, if you look closely.


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