Day +128

Back on her hands. Today she asked if she could do a cartwheel yet. I said sure. She had a moment of hesitation. Like a pause to question if she really could do it. Then, she said, “now?!? Like RIGHT NOW!” She reminded me that I said I would record her. So, she hustled me outside and……


This week was a bit of a roller coaster as she had a slight fever of high 99s, up to 100.2. She was also very tired one day, Tuesday actually. But she had no fever at all that night after putting her to bed early and woke doing much better on Wednesday. I think the dryness here and wind has really irritated her sinuses this week. The wind has been merciless, uprooting the neighbor’s tree and blocking the other neighbor’s driveway for two days. Naomi has improved with the bedroom window closed and a humidifier and diffuser back on while she sleeps. I have to admit to wondering if a mask isn’t advisable but her dr assures me that she does not need one. Trusting her new marrow to do what it was supposed to do was quite difficult for me. We are grateful that it did exactly that though. Micayah said “I sent a good army her way.” Him being a military and history student, this really makes me smile. 🙂

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