Local Appt

Monday was our first time back to Naomi’s pre-transplant dr. It was easier and less emotional than I thought. The waiting room had been redecorated and even the door moved and some remodeling. It was different enough to help us make a new start.

The best news is that her hemoglobin is normal for the first time! 11.4, thank you very much. I will take it!

Her wbc was a bit elevated. The normal range is 4.5 to 10.5. Hers is 12.9. That means she is likely fighting something. The great news is…. Her body is fighting whatever it is. The bad news is there is something there to fight. Her dr did not seem too concerned.

Some of her levels will not be back until today and later in the week. So we will wait for those results to trickle in. The dr will email me results as they come.

We discussed Naomi’s going back to gymnastics. This dr also has a daughter in Naomi’s pre-competitive level. So, I was curious as to the dr’s opinion on Naomi returning and the risks. She indicated that it was safer than a school and if Naomi were not homeschooled, she would have returned already. That decision will likely be made in 2 weeks when we go back to CA.

We are still trying to find a new normal. I am beginning to think I am looking for a normal that never existed!

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