ER Visit

Not fun news today, sadly. Last night, we took Naomi to the ER due to a high temp. There were no other symptoms. She was a bit more lethargic, but we all are because it is so hot here. At the ER, blood draws found her nutrition levels and blood counts to be great. Her ANC was 5000, hemoglobin 10.7, platelets 180,000.
But her electrolytes were really off. She got a bag of sodium chloride and a precautionary bag of antibiotics. They also sent blood to be cultured. We came home after 3 hours with instructions to follow up with the dr on Monday for culture results.
In the meantime, we must be more diligent to get her drinking and stay balanced with electrolytes. It is SO SO SO hard to drink enough here. At 11am, we were over 100 degrees already.
After sleeping the morning away, she is eating and drinking and her temps are down. So, all we can do is wait. Thank you for your prayers.

3 thoughts on “ER Visit

  1. Try drinking Smart Water. It has electolytes in it and tastes so much better than other bottled water.

    • We like Smart Water! I actually have a Berkey water filter and have the bottom of it filled with minerals and salts to remineralize the water after filtration. It makes like a homemade Smart Water. But the ER dr said she needs like a gatorade… which I will not touch. So, we are using, and she is LOVING the Shaklee Performance Hydration drinks.

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